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Passionate actress that changes roles as politics change there word. If you wonder how can one (fking hot) body contain such a pile of roles, emotions and species - easily. First: I ve got a pair of tits lol - thats an extra place ;) Second: Cause I like too much things (oftenly antagonists) to make a choice! Third: Should say Im inteligent enough to remember more then a "tits-ass-pussy" pattern. Fourth /// lol we dont use that cursed number in Asia/// Fifth: Any role is GOOD. The bad can be ability to work in pair t only. (sad but true) What it means for those virginous souls that never tried other face? Play as huan you always wanted to be. Be the employee or boss maybe, be maniac or his victim - find the thing you want to see in real and then let my powers of FantasyInd. do the rest. My usual prefernces and roles: 1)Girl next door and variants with details (maid suit ^__^) 2)The tricky wife ;) (Cuckolders welcome) 3)Sex insructor (Cei, joi and other stuff - if you are into being taught) 4) :P 5)Neutral roles (secretary, neighbour and etc) 6)Mistress* *Lot of varieties - was quite used to that in past. Need to be discussed in pm. May be divided in three levels for you to choose. I) "Demo-version". For newbees who just want to try. No humiliation, hardcore and etc - just strict instructions II) Average Mistress. More strict, some humiliation, using soe toys etc III) QUEEN OF ABYSS. "Prepare your miserable flesh for chalenges, slave!"

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